Providing Safety and

Hope for Arkansans

Providing Safety and Hope for Arkansans

Committed to public safety and providing professional management solutions and evidence-based rehabilitative initiatives for offenders

Sales Staff

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We have a very knowledgeable sales staff who are happy to help you. Please see the map below to find your area Sales Representative.

ACI Sales Territories

Sales Territory

Sales Manager

Bill Hartwick
Sales Area: LRMA – Little Rock Metropolitan Area (BLUE)
Mobile Phone: 870-550-5162

Sales Representative

Mike Grisham
Sales Area: Delta (see map GREEN)
Mobile Phone: 870-550-5163

Sales Representative

Anthony Elliott
Sales Area: Ozark (see map YELLOW)
Mobile Phone: 870-550-0336

Sales Representative

Chris Taylor
Sales Area: Ouachita (see map RED)
Mobile Phone: 870-489-4255

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