Providing Safety and

Hope for Arkansans

Providing Safety and Hope for Arkansans

Committed to public safety and providing professional management solutions and evidence-based rehabilitative initiatives for offenders

Sex Offender Assessment Committee (SOAC)

Dana Watson – Chairperson

Billy Burris

Lori Kumpuris

Jennifer Dean

Paula Stitz

Marjorie Rogers

Daniel Turner

Grant Humphries

Latisha Meadows – Executive Secretary

The Sex Offender Assessment Committee, under the auspices of the Arkansas Department of Corrections, has been conducting individualized community notification assessments since September 1999. It came into existence, in part, because of the need for consistency in the assessment process and because local law enforcement agencies did not have the time, resources or expertise to conduct individualized assessments. The committee reviews and approves guidelines for the assessment process, votes to assign Level 4 status and reviews cases in which offenders seek administrative review.

P.O. Box 6209
Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71611

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