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Employee Benefits

For any questions concerning employee benefits please visit the Benefits FAQ page.

Arkansas Cafeteria Plan (ARCAP)
Employees may elect to use pre-tax dollars for health insurance, day care costs, and medical expenses.

Arkansas Public Employees Retirement Systems (APERS)
Employees are eligible for full retirement benefits at age 65 with five years of service or at any age with 28 years of service.

Arkansas State Employee Association (ASEA)
ASEA is a non-profit organization working for the betterment of state employees. The ASEA offers benefits such as a benevolent fund and insurance products from the State Employee Benefits Corporation (SEBCO), a subsidiary of ASEA.

Career Service Recognition
All employees of the Division shall become eligible for annual career service recognition payments upon completion of ten or more years of state service in a regular full-time position or positions. Merit Increase

Credit Union

Contact your Human Resources Manager for an application to one of our available credit unions.

Deferred Compensation Plan (457b)
The Arkansas Diamond Deferred Compensation Plan is a voluntary ‘retirement savings plan’ that allows payroll deduction contributions with pre-tax dollars. The employee may choose a voluntary dollar amount to be payroll deducted up to annual contribution limits set by the IRS.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
The EAP is designed to provide counseling and treatment referral for alcohol and drug abuse, family crisis, legal conflicts, interpersonal relationships, and other concerns that may adversely affect employee job performance. On occasion, members of an employee’s family may participate in the program when activities are related to the employee.

Health Benefits
The State of Arkansas offers a variety of health care providers to fit the medical and financial needs of all employees.

Leave Programs
The types of leave available at the Division of Correction are as follows: annual leave, sick leave, military leave, leave without pay, court and jury leave, and compensatory time.

Unit Employee Corporation

Once assigned to a duty station (unit), an employee will have the opportunity to join an employee association for a nominal monthly fee. These corporations offer benefits such as: shoe shines, haircuts, turkeys/hams during the holiday season and other services. Some units/facilities have built swimming pools for the use of employee association members.

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