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Paws in Prison

Arkansas Paws in Prison is committed to rehabilitating inmates and giving shelter dogs a second chance at life. Selected inmates have the opportunity to become trainers of rescue dogs in the program. Inmates work with the dogs teaching them basic obedience skills and properly socializing the animals, making them more adoptable. Paws in Prison is made possible through partnerships with animal shelters and rescue groups around the state. Since the program began on December 8, 2011, Paws in Prison has expanded to seven facilities throughout the state, and more than 2,400 rescue dogs have been trained and adopted out to the public. View all of the dogs available for adoption.

The benefits of this program are three-fold. Paws in Prison reduces the number of dogs euthanized each year in Arkansas by preparing them to be loving, obedient, adoptable pets. Inmate trainers are able to contribute to society and acquire skills that support successful rehabilitation and reentry into society, which improves public safety. The Department of Corrections has seen a positive impact on daily interactions between inmates and employees since the program began, which ultimately improves security inside the prison. 

Arkansas Paws in Prison Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. You can make a tax-deductible donation online or by mail. Please send checks to Arkansas Paws in Prison, 1302 Pike Avenue – North Little Rock, AR 72114. The program is supported by private donations and the sale of recyclables.

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