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The Arkansas Department of Correction (ADC) has a lot to offer anyone searching for a career, including military veterans seeking employment in the civilian workforce. VIEW THIS VIDEO to learn about some of the many benefits from one of our own who has had a successful career at ADC since leaving the military 20 years ago!

For more information, contact the DOC Recruiter at (870) 850-8578 or DOC.Careers@doc.arkansas.gov.

If you have questions in regards to Payroll, Employee Benefits or Employment, please visit frequently asked questions.

Human Resources Staff

Human Resources Administration

Human Resources Administrator(870) 850-8524
Administrator’s Administrative Assistant(870) 850-8524
Associate Human Resources Administrator(870) 850-8542
Assistant Human Resources Administrator & Payroll(870) 850-8599
Assistant Human Resources Administrator – Employment(870) 850-8526
Assistant Human Resources Administrator – Policy & Benefits(870) 850-8522
Workplace Safety Coordinator(870) 850-8578

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