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Payroll FAQ

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Classification and Compensation is responsible for processing employee personnel actions such as promotions, demotions, transfers, and terminations as well as the processing of biweekly payroll.

Contact Information

Contact: Payroll Technician
Phone: 870-850-8531

When will I receive my paycheck?

Payroll is normally processed the Monday after the two-week payperiod ends. Direct deposits are posted at your financial institution that following Friday.

How can I get a copy of my paycheck stub?

Your Unit Human Resources Manager can instruct you on how to obtain a copy of your remuneration statement (paycheck stub). These can also be viewed and printed using the Empowering Arkansas State Employees (EASE) feature of AASIS.

What is EASE?

EASE (Empowering Arkansas State Employees) is a feature of AASIS where you can view and print your remuneration statements. You can also request for leave, very your employee benefits, W2 forms, and more. You will need to know your AASIS personnel number (badge number) and your AASIS User ID (contact your Unit HR office for this information). After you know your User ID you can call the AASIS Help Desk at (501) 683-2255 to set up your password and conduct an initial log on.

How do I access EASE?

You may access the Empowering Arkansas State Employees feature online. A tutorial is available on the EASE as well.

Is direct deposit required?

Act 1887 of 2005 requires all new employees of the State of Arkansas to be paid by electronic direct deposit.

How do I find out my leave balances?

Your Unit Human Resource Manager is the person with access to your leave balances. At this time, leave balances printed on your paycheck stub are incorrect.

Am I eligible for overtime?

Employees whose positions are non-exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) are eligible for overtime. There are two categories of non-exempt employees:

  • Non-Security, Non-Exempt
  • Security, Non-Exempt (7K)

Non-Exempt, Non-Security employees earn overtime (time and a half) for hours worked in excess of forty (40) hours a week.

Security, Non-Exempt employees (Correctional Officer, Officer First Class, Corporal, and Sergeant) earn straight time (hour for hour) for hours worked from eighty (80) to eighty-six (86) in a two week period. Overtime (time and a half) is earned for all hours worked over eighty-six (86) in a two-week period.

The Overtime Reduction Plan went into effect May 29, 2003. Employees are only allowed to earn overtime when:

  • The Unit’s Duty Warden declares an emergency.
  • There is a lack of sufficient personnel on duty to fill mandatory/critical posts.
  • Twenty (20) hours per calendar year for security personnel for training purposes.

How can I change my taxes being withheld?

You can change your filing status at any time by completing a new W-4 form and submitting it to your Human Resource Manager or to Payroll in the Human Resource office.

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