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Employee Benefit FAQ

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Contact Information

Contact: Benefits Specialist 
Phone: 870-850-8546 or 870-850-8467

 When can I sign up for Health Benefits?

  • When you become employed, in which you have a 30 day window.
  • During open enrollment, which is during the month of October each year.
  • Within 30 days of a qualifying family status change.

When can I cancel my insurance?

  • Pre-tax health benefits may be cancelled during open enrollment or upon a qualifying family status change within 30 days of the qualifying family status change.
  • Non pre-tax policies may be cancelled during any part of the year by using a Cancellation of Miscellaneous Deduction Form – DOC 

How do I sign up for savings bonds?

Call National Bond & Trust Company at 1-800-321-8024.

What is my APERS contribution rate?

If you are a contributory member, 5% of your earnings are deducted pre-tax. If you are a non-contributory member, nothing is deducted.

What is the difference between a pre-tax deduction and a post-tax deduction?

A pre-tax deduction is deducted from your pay check before taxes and social security deductions are calculated. A post-tax deduction is deducted after taxes and social security deductions have been calculated.

How do I find out when my PE date is?

If you were hired October 2, 2006 or after, your PE date will be your hire date. If you were hired October 1, 2006 or prior your PE date will depend on your MIPS status with the exception of those in a promotional job series. Check with your HR Manager to find out which status you fall under.

How do I sign up for a credit union?

Contact your Human Resources Manager for an application to one of our available credit unions.

How much leave time do I earn a month?

The leave programs are described in detail on the Career Service and Leave Programs page.

When can I exchange my uniforms?

Uniforms may be exchanged anytime during your anniversary month.

Are there any exceptions to when I can exchange my uniform?

Exceptions are only made upon destruction of the uniform while on duty and at no fault of the employee.

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