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Teachers will prepare lessons sufficient for two weeks. Lessons in Math, Language, Science, and Social Studies will be provided for each day.

Teachers will send their packets to their principals by Friday, April 2nd. Teachers who do not provide complete AMI packets will be charged sick leave.

Principals will ensure that the AMI packets provided are level appropriate and of sufficient instructional value.

The Central Office will schedule time for each unit principal to come and make copies and deliver the AMI packets to the unit entrance building. The packets will be in manila envelopes and addressed to individual students by barracks.

If the Governor continues the closure of school districts, the AMI plan will continue indefinitely contingent on the Secretary of Corrections and Director’s approval.

If the district continues with AMI packets after April 17th, the second and all following packets will provide answer sheets for the previous lessons.

Principals will continue to be in contact with teachers and set deadlines for lesson packets and any additional work


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