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Management Level Requirements

For any questions concerning training please visit the Training FAQ page.

Management level training is required for supervisors who supervise at least one employee or more. Employees who are promoted or newly hired to positions with management level responsibilities are required to complete the management level training for their grade.

Management Level I

Management Level I training for Security (Sergeant) or Non-Security (Grades C110-C114) shall consist of the following classes:


  • Administering Discipline
  • Arkansas Government Basics
  • *CPR/First Aid/AED
  • Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Grievance Prevention and Handling
  • HRkansas
  • Interpersonal Communications
  • Introduction to Management
  • Performance Evaluation Training

*CPR/First Aid/AED is required for security personnel and must be completed at the unit of assignment prior to attending the Management Level I class.  CPR/First Aid/AED is not required for non-security staff. 

Management Level II

Management Level II training for Security (Lieutenant) or Non-Security (Grades C115-C117) shall consist of the required classes for Management Level I, plus the following:


  • Ethics in Leadership
  • Management Effectiveness
  • PREA Investigations
  • Rethinking Retention
  • Solutions for Health Care in a Correctional Environment

Management Level III

Management Level III training for Security (Captain/Major) or Non-Security (Grade C118-C120) shall consist of the required classes for Management Levels I and II, plus the following:


  • Advanced Management Training

Management Level IV

Management Level IV training for positions grade C121 and higher (including unclassified positions and those listed in the Professional and Executive pay plans) shall consist of the required classes for Management Level I, II and III, plus the following:


  • Executive Training

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