Providing Safety and

Hope for Arkansans

Providing Safety and Hope for Arkansans

Committed to public safety and providing professional management solutions and evidence-based rehabilitative initiatives for offenders

Administrative Rules

Arkansas Division of Community Correction Administrative Rules

ACC AR 1.4 Community Correction Center Criteria and Standards
ACC AR 8.8Community Service Program
ACC AR 2.9Economic Sanctions
ACC AR 4.6 Escapes Disturbances or Emergencies
ACC AR 7.30Furlough Program
ACC AR 3.15 Harassment
ACC AR 2.3 Offender Commissaries
ACC AR 8.9 Offender Substance Abuse
ACC AR 1.1 Policy and Procedure Development
ACC AR 7.4 Public Release of Offender Information
ACC AR 7.10Reentry Facility Program
ACC AR 1.9 Research and Program Evaluation
ACC AR 7.22 Resident Correspondence
ACC AR 7.23Resident Publications
ACC AR 7.24 Resident Visitation
ACC AR 4.1 Safety Security and Sanitation at Residential Centers
ACC AR 3.15Sexual Harassment
ACC AR 7.8Transitional Housing Program
ACC AR 4.9Use of Force
ACC AR 7.27 Volunteer Program

Arkansas Division of Correction Administrative Rules

ADC AR 0001 Administrative Regulations, Directives and Memoranda
ADC AR 0114 Arkansas Correctional Industries
ADC AR 0890 Arkansas DOC Jail Facilities
ADC AR 0002 Authority of Unit Wardens Center Supervisors  
ADC AR 0888 Boot Camp Program
ADC AR 0851 Continuity of Care
ADC AR 0830 Corporal Punishment
ADC AR 0017 Critical Incident Review
ADC AR 0831 Disciplinary Rules and Regulations
ADC AR 0500 Educational Services
ADC AR 1315 Emergency Powers Act
ADC AR 1316 Emergency Powers Act – County Jail Backlog
ADC AR 0020 Emergency Preparedness
ADC AR 0225 Employee Conduct Standards
ADC AR 0113 Farm Produced Commodities
ADC AR 0112 Farming and Livestock Activities
ADC AR 0201 Grooming and Attire Standards for Security and Non-Security Employees
ADC AR 0213 Hunting and Fishing Privileges
ADC AR 0102-A Industry Program Procedures
ADC AR 0103 Inmate Commissaries
ADC AR 0860 Inmate Correspondence
ADC AR 0810 Inmate Emergency Medical Expenses Incurred While in County Jails
ADC AR 1212 Inmates Housed in County Jails and City Jails- Act 309
ADC AR 1201 Inmate Labor by Contractual Agreement or Volunteer Services
ADC AR 0825 Inmate Name Changes for Religious Purposes
ADC AR 0841 Inmate Property Control
ADC AR 0855 Investigation and Transportation of Deceased Inmates
ADC AR 0893 Medical Co-Pay
ADC AR 0011 News Media Interviews and Correspondence
ADC AR 0211 Physical Attacks on State Employee
ADC AR 1210 Pre-Release Program
ADC AR 0834 Procedures for Handling Disciplinary Infractions of Mentally Disordered Inmates
ADC AR 0837 Protective Custody
ADC AR 0864 Publications
ADC AR 0839 Punitive Segregation
ADC AR 0854 Procedures for Handling Disciplinary Infractions of Mentally Disordered Inmates
ADC AR 0407 Safety and Sanitation
ADC AR 0854Research and Experimentation
ADC AR 0401 Searches for and Control of Contraband
ADC AR 0400 Security
ADC AR 0402 Storage of Weapons
ADC AR 0812 Temporary Release – Meritorious – Emergency Furloughs
ADC AR 0894 Third Party Agreements to House ADC Inmates
ADC AR 0412 Use of Canine Teams in Aggression and Protection Roles
ADC AR 0409 Use of Force
ADC AR 0403 Use of Restraints
ADC AR 0865 Visitation
ADC AR 0881 Volunteer Services
ADC AR 1200 Work Study Release Program

Arkansas Department of Corrections Administrative Rules

DOC AR 216 Accepting Gifts, Grants and Donations
DOC AR: ADC AR 0803/ACC AR 9.0 Administrative Transfer
DOC AR 101Allotment of Appropriations and Budget Preparation
DOC AR 105Audits
DOC AR: ADC AR 0883/ACC AR 7.28Chaplaincy Services
DOC AR: ADC AR 0802/ACC AR 7.2Classification of Offenders
DOC AR 107Conflicts of Interest
DOC AR 832Discrimination and Racial Issues
DOC AR 891DNA Testing
DOC AR: ADC AR 0202/ACC AR 3.2Drug-Free Workplace
DOC AR: ADC AR 1317/ACC AR 7.12Electronic Monitoring
DOC AR: ADC AR 0022/ACC AR 3.17Employee Grievance Procedure
DOC AR 228Equal Employment Opportunity
DOC AR 100Fiscal and Accounting Operations
DOC AR 600Food Service
DOC AR: ADC AR 0109/ACC AR 2.8Funds of Offenders
DOC AR: ADC AR 0835/ACC AR 7.14Grievance Procedure for Offenders
DOC AR 833Health Services
DOC AR 867Inmate Emergency Work Assignments During Disasters
DOC AR 0804 Inmate Records
DOC AR: ADC AR 0014/ACC AR 1.3Internal Affairs and Investigations
DOC AR 007Legislative Liaison and or Inquiries
DOC AR: ADC AR 0826/ACC AR 7.9Meritorious Good Time
DOC AR 209Part-Time Employment
DOC AR: ADC AR 0807/ACC AR 9.2Payment of Death Benefit
DOC AR: ADC AR 0840/ACC AR 7.17Personal Cleanliness and Grooming for Offenders
DOC AR: ADC AR 0829/ACC AR 7.1Prenatal Care of Pregnant Inmates or Residents
DOC AR 413Prison Rape Elimination Act – PREA
DOC AR: ADC AR 0019/ACC AR 1.8Processing of Lawsuits
DOC AR: ADC AR 0118/ACC AR 2.10Procurement and Disposition Activities
DOC AR 104Property Control
DOC AR 210Relationships and Transactions with Inmates
DOC AR: ADC AR 0005/ACC AR 4.2Reporting of Incidents
DOC AR: ADC AR 0212/ACC AR 3.9Searches of Employees Living on State Property
DOC AR: ADC AR 0803/ACC AR 7.30Sentence Computation and Tracking
DOC AR 226Sexual Harassment
DOC AR: ADC AR 0217/ACC AR 3.3Staff Assignments and Housing
DOC AR 013Staff Training
DOC AR 402Storage of Weapons
DOC AR: ADC AR 0850/ACC AR 7.19Terminal Illness or Permanent Incapacitation
DOC AR 224Tobacco
DOC AR 206Trading or Trafficking
DOC AR: ADC AR 1301/ACC AR 8.1Transfer Eligibility to Community Correction
DOC AR: ADC AR 0404/ACC AR 4.5Transporting Escorting Offenders
DOC AR 108Travel Regulations
DOC AR 411Use of Audio-Visual Equipment
DOC AR 410Use of Chemical Agents and Other Non-Lethal Weapons
DOC AR: ADC AR 0403/ACC AR 4.4Use of Restraints
DOC AR: ADC AR 0867/ACC AR 7.29Use of Telephones

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