Providing Safety and

Hope for Arkansans

Providing Safety and Hope for Arkansans

Committed to public safety and providing professional management solutions and evidence-based rehabilitative initiatives for offenders


The Department of Corrections complies with all applicable state and federal laws, guidelines, and procedures governing the procurement and disposition of commodities and services. The Board of Corrections has established further guidelines for the various approvals required for the procurement and dispositions of commodities and services for the Division of Correction and Division of Community Correction.

DOC Procurement Information

*Procurements in excess of $10,000 are reported monthly in the DOC Secretary’s Board Report. Those reports are available for download HERE.

Other Helpful Procurement Links

Procurement forms, information on current state contracts, and other vendor information can be viewed by visiting the following websites:

Contact Information

Flora Johnson, Procurement Manager
Phone: 870-850-8500 | Fax: 870-850-8488

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