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Inmate Commissary Lists

It is the policy of the Arkansas Division of Correction (ADC) to provide Inmate Commissaries from which inmates may purchase products. Items included in the various Inmate Commissaries are determined by the centralized Commissary Committee.

The specific sale price of commissary items is determined by the Board of Corrections. Proceeds from the sale of items through Inmate Commissaries are placed in the Inmate Welfare Fund. Inmate Welfare funds can only be used for the general benefit of the inmates under rules and regulations as established by the Board of Corrections.

1.) The contents of the Master Commissary List is subject to change at any time.
2.) The Warden or Center Supervisor of a facility may restrict the sale of an item in a Commissary.
3.) Items sold in facilities housing work release inmates that are specifically approved for sale to work release inmates, will be considered contraband on the date the inmate no longer qualifies for a work release program.


ADC policy pertaining to Inmate Commissaries (AD 2016-41) can be viewed HERE.


The ADC Master Commissary List can be viewed HERE.


An inmate shall be eligible for the program if their inmate trust account balance is less than $10.00 and the inmate has received less than $10.00 on their account during the immediate preceding thirty (30) days. Issue of indigent items shall be reduced by value of the account balance. The current ADC Indigent Items List can be viewed HERE.

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