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Resident Banking

Resident banking provides a fast and secure way to deposit funds into a resident’s account. You can deposit money 24/7 online via a personal computer or smartphone, by phone, and even some walk-in retailers.

Pay Community Supervision Fees

We are pleased to offer a fast, easy, and secure method of paying supervision, drug court and restitution fees. You can pay 24/7 online via a personal computer or smartphone, by phone, and even some walk-in retailers.

Walk-Off List

View information on Center residents classified as “walk-offs.”

Alert Xpress

The Arkansas Department of Correction, in conjunction with the Arkansas Community Correction and Crime Information Center, is pleased to offer the public a new automated safety tool. The Arkansas Escape Alert System allows citizens living in the vicinity of a Department of Correction unit, or Arkansas Community Correction center, to register for automated notification in the event of an escape from those facilities.

Escape Alert System

Upon entry of escape into the departments’ offender management system, an immediate notification will be issued to everyone registered against that facility. Escape notification will be made 24/7 in the form of an automated phone call and/or email message. The notification will alert registrants of the escape and direct them to the appropriate website (ADC or ACC) for more information on the escapee. Notification will also be made between the hours of 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. upon the recapture of that escapee.

There is no limit to the number of facility registrations and individuals may register up to three phone numbers and three email addresses for notification. To register for the Arkansas Escape Alert system, visit AlertXpress, click on Arkansas on the map, and follow the instructions that are provided on the page. Please keep the username and password information that will be provided upon registration so that your personal information can be updated in the future.

We are extremely proud and excited to be able to offer this new safety tool to enhance public safety for the citizens of Arkansas.


This 24 hour a day service provides crime victims access to information about criminal cases and custody status of offenders. Victims and other concerned citizens can register to be notified by phone, email, text message (SMS) or TTY device when an offender’s custody status changes. Users can also register through their participating state or county toll-free number.

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