Division of Community Correction

Placing our priority on public safety while providing opportunities for positive change

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ACC Central Office:

Main Number(501) 682-9510
Public Information/Communications(501) 683-5191
Residential Services(501) 682-9577
Extraditions(501) 682-9588
Transitional & Reentry Housing(501) 682-4359
Supervision Fee Questions(501) 682-9545
Restitution Questions(501) 682-9547
Residential Online Deposits(501) 682-9545

Facility Information:

For addresses and descriptions of community correction refer to the Office Locations.

Community Supervision:

For questions about community supervision, please contact the appropriate Area Office from the Office Locations.

Technical Assistance:

For problems or questions regarding this website send an e-mail to the Research and Planning Department.

For FOIA requests, please email DOC.FOIA@doc.arkansas.gov.

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