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Arkansas Corrections Employees Rally in Support of Injured Officer


Posted by Manda Bass on March 4, 2022

Every employee of the Arkansas Department of Corrections is part of the DOC Family. We take great pride in our work with the rest of Arkansas’ law enforcement community to protect the citizens of Arkansas.

Just like a real family, we work through the best and worst times together. There’s no one quicker to celebrate others’ achievements than the brothers and sisters of the AR DOC family! And when times are tough, we rally together to help.

When Lt. Douglas Boultinghouse was assaulted and critically injured by an inmate at the Varner Unit last month, the AR DOC Family stepped up to support the Boultinghouse family. Lt. Boultinghouse, 61, has been in public service with the Division of Correction for 36 years. Friends and colleagues have spent countless hours at the hospital and his bedside, and our leadership team kept in constant contact with the family. Employee-directed fundraisers, which extended beyond Varner and out across the state, were held to benefit his family in this time of crisis and Arkansas Association of Correctional Employees Trust (AACET) funds were made available.

While Lt. Boultinghouse remains in critical but stable condition, he is thankfully showing improvement with each passing day. We want his family to know that his DOC Family truly cares, and we’re hoping and praying for his continued improvement.

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