Post-Prison Transfer Board

Ensuring the public’s safety, the empowerment of victims, and that offenders will be provided opportunities for positive behavioral change

Hearing Attendance Update


On Jan. 1, 2022, the Arkansas Post-Prison Transfer Board will resume allowing supporters to join inmates, in-person, at their parole/post-release supervision hearings.

Attendance requirements include:

  • Limited to two people
  • Visitors must:
    • Be on the inmate’s approved visitation list
    • Be at least 14 years old
    • Meet all other requirements as established by the Division of Correction

Prior to the hearing, inmates are responsible for selecting and identifying the individuals who he/she wants to appear before the Board in support of his/her potential release on parole/post-release supervision. These persons should be chosen for their ability to provide information to the Board relevant to the inmate’s potential release. The persons chosen by the inmate must meet the attendance criteria established by the ADC. Victims who arrive at a unit to attend the inmate’s hearing will not be admitted to the hearing.

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