Post-Prison Transfer Board

Ensuring the public’s safety, the empowerment of victims, and that offenders will be provided opportunities for positive behavioral change

Board Members and Staff

The Arkansas Post-Prison Transfer Board is composed of seven members appointed from the State at large by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. Each member is appointed for a term of seven years, except that the terms shall be staggered by the Governor so that the term of one member expires each year. Each member is a full-time official of the State. The Chairman/Chairwoman of the Board is designated by the Governor and serves as the agency’s Director. The Board annually elects a Vice Chair and a Secretary to serve as their remaining officers for the year. The Vice Chair and the Secretary may assume the duties of the Chairman/Chairwoman pursuant to State law and Board policy. If a vacancy occurs on the Board prior to the expiration of a term, the Governor will fill the vacancy for the remainder of the unexpired term, subject Senate confirmation. In any matter before the board, four members shall constitute a quorum. However, the affirmative vote of five members is required to adopt any action of the Board. The Board is supported by a professional staff comprised of Hearing Judges and the employees assigned to the Administrative, Fiscal & Human Resources, Parole/Post-Release Supervision Services, and Revocation Support Sections.

Organizational Chart

Chairwoman – Lona McCastlain


  • Executive Administrator –
  • Executive Assistant to the Chair/Victim Input Coordinator – Hollie Wellborn
  • Business Operations Manager – Christie Goldman
  • Investigator – Scott Howard
  • Investigator – Felicia Bentley

Parole//Post-Release Supervision Services and Revocation

  • Revocation Hearing Judge – Brenton Wood
  • Revocation Hearing Judge – C. Brandon Mills
  • Administrative Support Supervisor – Tamara Salaam
  • Administrative Specialist III –
  • Administrative Specialist III – Lakeshia Swanigan
  • Administrative Specialist III – Jessie Jackson
  • Administrative Specialist III – Derek D. Wilson

Contact Us

Phone – 501-682-3850

Fax – 501-682-3860

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Victim Correspondence –

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