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Residential Services

Welcome to Arkansas Community Corrections Residential Services.  We are a Modified Therapeutic Community (MTC).  The goal of the MTC is to facilitate development of permanent lifestyle changes so residents will be successful, contributing, law-abiding citizens while in the center and upon return to society.

The community consists of residents and staff.  To achieve program goals, a community structure is used consisting of a variety of functional departments, jobs, and positions.

The community establishes values, norms, traditions and rules by which the residents live. As residents advance through treatment phases, they are assigned appropriate therapeutic jobs and progress through positions that will help them develop skills useful in resolving personal problems and making life-style changes.

Throughout the process, emphasis is placed on discovering and resolving personal problems and being responsible and accountable for ones’ behaviors.

Items Residents are Allowed to Bring to a Community Correction Center

  • Clothing they are wearing
  • Any prescriptions, medications and physicians orders to be turned over to medical personnel upon arrival
  • Prescription eye glasses, contact lenses, case and cleaner
  • Hearing aid(s) (Batteries are available in medical as needed)
  • Legal Material (SS Card, Legal Documents, State ID Card)
  • Money order or balance of county jail fund (this money will be placed on the resident account)
  • Address book without wire or metal
  • Two pens or pencils
  • One wedding ring or set (under $50 value)

Residents transported from the County jail to a Community Correction Center are allowed to bring only the items listed above.

No earrings or body-piercing jewelry will be allowed at any Center.  Only one set of civilian clothing may be brought for the resident to wear upon release.  No other clothing is allowed.  All clothing to be worn at the facility, including undergarments, is provided.

In accordance with Agency policy, any items not on the list above are considered contraband.  The resident will have to dispose of the items by the following means:

  • Shipping the items home at their own expense
  • Have the items picked up at the Center by another party
  • Donate the items to the State
  • Authorize, in writing, the destruction of the property

Entrance into a Community Correction Center

Visitors are not allowed to bring pocketknives, explosive devices, firearms or other instruments considered as weapons, ammunition, cell phones, pagers, other communication devices, cameras, purses, food, alcoholic beverages, any kind of tobacco products and any illegal substances or narcotics. Any attempt to bring in such contraband will result in loss of visitation privileges and criminal prosecution. Pursuant to Criminal Code Section §5-54-119, the introduction of contraband into a correctional facility is either a Class B or C felony, depending on the nature of the contraband. Any person or vehicle entering a Community Correction Center is subject to search for contraband. Visitors must pass through a metal detector.

Visitors may bring a small amount of money to pay for purchases from the concession.

Visitor Dress Code

Visitors may not wear sleeveless shirts, shorts, spandex, see through clothing, hats, sunglasses, sagging pants or low cut blouses to any correctional center. Skirts and dresses must be worn at or below the knee. Children age 15 or younger may be allowed to wear shorts of a respectable length during visitation. The department may deny visitation to any person who is dressed inappropriately.

Residents Telephone

Residents have access to coinless telephones during set hours of use. Residents may only make collect calls to pre-approved numbers. Residents may not have cellular phones or calling cards. It is possible for residents to lose their telephone privileges for disciplinary reasons. Each Center has its own telephone policy, so please check with the particular Center for specific hours of use.

Tobacco Policy

Residents are not allowed to have any kind of tobacco. This policy became effective January 17, 2000 and prohibits residents from possessing “any smoking or smokeless tobacco product.” If a resident does have tobacco, it is considered contraband and the resident will be disciplined. Visitors and employees must leave all tobacco products in their vehicle. Bringing tobacco products into a center will result in loss of visitation privileges and criminal prosecution.

Resident Correspondence

How to Address Correspondence:

Resident’s Name and ACC Number
Name of Center
P.O. Box or Street Address
City, State and Zip Code

What can be sent by mail?

All books, magazines, newspapers and catalogs must be mailed directly from the publisher, bookstore, educational institution, or a recognized commercial or charitable outlet. No food or care packages may be mailed to a resident. All incoming and outgoing resident mail may be read, except for privileged correspondence with the resident’s attorney; federal, state, and local court officials; any administrator of the Division of Community Correction, Board of Correction; and the media. If properly marked as privileged, the correspondence will be opened in front of the resident and only inspected for contraband.

Residential Trust Fund Deposits

Send money orders to PO Box 8080, Little Rock, AR  72201. Include the resident’s name and ACC number in order for the correct account to be credited.The resident will notify you of the correct form to attach with the money order.

You may also pay online using the ACC website’s Resident Banking.

Emergency Furloughs for Hospital Visits & Funeral Travel

Emergency furloughs may be granted to residents when there is a critical illness or death in their immediate family.


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