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Halloween Regulations for Sex Offenders in Arkansas


Posted by Manda Bass on October 26, 2023

This weekend, Arkansas families will celebrate Halloween for the fifth time since the inaction of Act 463 of 2019, which bars certain sex offenders from participating in Halloween-related activities. All offenders on supervision for sex offenses will be monitored closely and held accountable during this holiday in the interest of public safety.

The Arkansas Department of Corrections, Division of Community Correction Sex Offender Services Community Supervision Officers are making sure sex offenders understand state laws that limit their participating in Halloween activities two weeks before and two weeks after Halloween.

Level 3 and 4 sex offenders, along with other offenders that may be subject to these restrictions, who violate Act 463 restrictions may be charged with a Class D felony, serving up to six years in jail and a fine up to $10,000.

Act 463 bans these offenders from handing out candy to minors, participating in trick-or-treating and attending events involving wearing costumes. Sex offenders will be put on intensive supervision on Halloween and are required to post signs warning that children are not to trick-or-treat at their residences.

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