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Department of Corrections Applauds Seven Officer of the Year Winners


Posted by Manda Bass on December 18, 2023

Four Division of Community Correction officers and three Division of Correction officers were honored Tuesday, December 12, 2023 for exemplary service to the State.

“I am always amazed by the dedication and professionalism of our officers,” said Division of Community Correction Director Jerry Bradshaw. “These officers establish the example for theirs peers. These awards are recognition of being at the top of top of their profession and we are very proud of them.”

The Division of Community Correction officers honored include:

  • Conway County Winner: Special Response Team Agent C.S.
    • On 07/19/2017, Quentin Hale appeared in Conway County Circuit Court and was sentenced to 72 months ADC for the offense of Possession of Controlled Substance, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Forgery. On 04/23/2001, Hale was paroled from Prison. On 01/23/2023, a Parole Abscond Warrant was issued by the Arkansas Parole Board. On 06/01/2023, Quentin Hale was stopped by Morrilton Police Department for a traffic viola􀆟on. Hale was a passenger in the vehicle. The Morrilton Police Officer recognized Hale and knew Hale had an outstanding warrant. Hale was asked to exit the vehicle. The Morrilton Police Officer attempted to handcuff Hale. Hale attempted to elude the Officer and resisted getting arrested. Hale was arrested without further incident. A search of Hale’s property was conducted where 4.4oz of Fentanyl was found along with drug paraphernalia. Hale was charged with Trafficking a Controlled Substance, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Resisting Arrest, and Endangering the Welfare of a Minor. Hale was transported to the Conway County Detention Center.
      On 06/06/2023, Hale was transferred to the Rivendell Behavioral Health Center for mental health issues while awaiting bed space to go to the Arkansas Department of Corrections. On 06/12/2023, Hale along with several other residents went outside about 8:05pm – 8:15pm Friday night for a smoke break. Hale walked outside by himself. After everyone made their way outside, the tech noticed Hale was missing. Hale fled without shoes and it was discovered that he scaled the side of their building, onto the roof, and jumped down on the other side. Efforts to locate Hale were made by local authorities with no success. SRT along with the US Marshal Eastern Arkansas Fugitive Task Force (EATF) began fugitive operations to locate Hale. Agent C.S. developed information that Hale had fled to Texas, then was picked up by a relative and taken to Arizona. The US Marshal Service in Arizona were sent a collateral lead to apprehend Hale. However, Hale eluded the Task Force in Arizona and fled the state. Agent C.S. developed further information that Hale was on a Greyhound Bus that was currently stopped in El Paso, TX. Agent C.S. sent another lead to the US Marshal Service in El Paso, TX. Hale was arrested without incident and awaiting extradition back to Arkansas.
  • Garland County Winner: Community Supervision Officer Eddie Elliot
    • On October 11‘“ 2022, Officer Edward Elliott conducted a routine pat search of an offender at the Hot Springs Community Supervision office with the offender facing the wail and his hands on the wall. The officer, feeling a firearm on the offender’s right side, yelled “gun” while grabbing the offender’s right arm, The offender attempted to go for the gun with his left hand and was stopped by other officers in attendance. The offender stated i was going to come in a point the gun at my officer! A loaded Taurus Revolver was obtained as well as a knife and multiple rounds of ammunition. The offender continuously stated he wanted to commit suicide by cop and shoot me now, please! Do your job and kill me now! A subsequent search of his residence turned up a shotgun, a double ended battle axe and several large knives and machetes. There is no doubt, this officer saved lives that day. Officer Elliott is active in the community He volunteers his time coaching Softball teams as well as Baseballs teams in his community Officer Elliott volunteers for committees within the department and is a defensive tactics training instructor.
  • Grant County Winners: Agent Kerri McBroome and Agent Randy Zimmerman
    • On February 22, 2023, Agents Kerri McBroome and Randy Zimmerman conducted a home visit in Sheridan, the location of a Female offender on community supervision. The Agents could see a disturbance taking place at the residence and contacted Grant County Dispatch requesting assistance.
      Standing beside the camper, Agents could hear the female’s voice and she was crying and begging someone to “please stop”, “you’re hurting me,” and “I don’t want to do that.” Agents could hear a male’s voice in a low tone but could not understand what he was saying. Agent Zimmerman signaled Agent McBroome that the female was being assaulted. they positioned themselves on either side of the front door of the camper at an advantage in case someone exited unexpectedly. Agents knocked loudly, identifying ourselves as Parole/Probation Officers and ordered both subjects out of the camper. The male opened the door. Agents ordered the male to show his hands, step out, turn around and face away from them. He followed directions and was secured in hand cuffs. He was only wearing a pair of pants at the time. The female exited the residence second and ran towards Agent McBroome crying. The female had multiple visible wounds to her face, right ear, arms, chest, head, and ribs.
      Agents called dispatch, requesting MEMS on scene. The female states she wanted a rape kit done, and that she wanted to press charges. Multiple Sheridan PD officers arrived on scene along with MEMS. Sheridan PD Investigators arrived and took control of the scene. A Group 6 Narcotics Agent arrived and secured what appeared to be one (1) glass meth pipe and one (1) broken glass meth pipe, that was found inside.
      The male was arrested and transported to the Sheridan Detention Center.

“I tell people everywhere I go that I have the best Corrections Professionals in the country,” Division of Correction Director Dexter Payne said. “Today some of those Corrections Professionals were recognized and received awards for their outstanding work in Law Enforcement. I am very proud of these Officers and the wonderful job that they do for the State of Arkansas.”

The Division of Correction officers honored include:

  • Hot Spring County: Capt. Justin Buttrum and Cpl. Barry Efrid of the Ouachita River Correctional Unit
    • With 27 years of combined correctional experience, these two officers have gone above and beyond for the Ouachita River Correctional Facility.
  • Izard County: Lt. Matthew Adam’s of the North Central Unit
    • Lt. Matthew Adams noticed flames in a window of a home as he was driving by. He immediately pulled over and called 911. He banged on the door but didn’t hear anyone. So, he checked all the windows, but the flames were so large he couldn’t see inside. As he was walking away, he heard a man’s voice yelling for help. He heard a window break and ran around the house to find an older gentleman yelling for help. He then pulled the man out of the house and to safety. Lt. Adams asked the man if there was anyone else inside of the house and the man said there was not. Lt. Adams stayed with the gentleman until the ambulance arrived. Due to his heroic acts, he saved this man’s life.

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