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Arkansas Division of Correction Regional Maintenance Assist at Plum Bayou Mounds Archeological State Park


Posted by Manda Bass on January 17, 2023

A regional maintenance crew from the Tucker Unit recently cleared overgrowth off of Mound A and other archeological features at Plum Bayou Mounds Archeological State Park (formerly known as Toltec Mounds Archeological State Park). This continued partnership between the Arkansas Department of Corrections and the Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage and Tourism will help preserve a National Historic Landmark.

After work was completed, Park Superintendent Stewart Carlton sent a thank you letter to Tucker Unit Warden Todd Ball that read:

“I want to let you know I appreciate the support you have shown towards establishing a stronger relationship between the Division of Correction-Tucker Unit and Plum Bayou Mounds Archeological State Park.  Your commitment of resources and inmate labor to assist us with clearing overgrowth off Mound A and other archeological features is most appreciated! Mound A is a historical treasure, and the overgrowth of woody vegetation was compromising its integrity, making it difficult for visitors to view, and hampering our ongoing archeological research efforts. This partnership helps ensure we are able to properly maintain the mound and helps to ensure its integrity in perpetuity.

I wish to specifically thank Lieutenant Joseph Rushing. He has maintained excellent communication as we organized for our most recent work efforts at the park.  His Regional Maintenance crew worked hard and accomplished a lot! Specifically, they were able to cut all the overgrowth off Mound A and were careful to follow our instructions about how to help protect the mound while working on the mound. Further, Lt. Rushing expressed support and a commitment to assist with additional projects (clearing the archeological embankment wall) in the park on an ongoing basis as needed and as schedules allow. This is most appreciated and welcomed!

This partnership between Arkansas State Parks, the Arkansas Archeological Survey, and the Division of Correction is a wonderful example of how we can work together to benefit the citizens of Arkansas. The resources of the state park are better protected, archeologists are better able to study the site, and inmates have the opportunity to improve their community. It is truly a win-win-win relationship.

Again, thank you for your support and that of Major Deen and Lt. Rushing. I appreciate all of you more than you know! I look forward to building on this relationship and hope to host your Regional Maintenance again soon.  We sure need the help.”

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