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Visitation Updates

DOC to Lift Modified In-Person Visitation Restrictions at Facilities Not Classified as High Risk

In-person visits to inmates/residents will continue to be made by pre-approved individuals only.

Beginning June 1, appointment requests will be accepted online from your mobile device or computer at: https://telegov.egov.com/docrequest. All requests are pending review and approval by the Arkansas Department of Corrections.

Effective June 1, visitation guidelines will be based on the unit’s COVID-19 risk level. All visitors will be subject to the following:

  • High Risk – All visitors must submit to mandatory temperature monitoring, rapid testing prior to entering, and masking; Two visitors per inmate/resident will be permitted for one hour. No contact will be permitted.
  • Medium Risk – High-risk, immunocompromised individuals are encouraged to wear masks. Sufficient space permitting, inmates/residents will be permitted to meet with up to four visitors for up to 2 hours, once a month. Contact visits approved.
  • Low Risk – No masking required. Sufficient space permitting, inmates/residents will be permitted to meet with up to four visitors for up to 2 hours, once a month. Contact visits approved.

Read more about this update by clicking the link below.

Division of Community Correction Resident Visitation

Written information regarding procedures governing visitation will be made available to residents upon their arrival at the institution. At a minimum, the information will include, but not be limited to the following:

  • Center address/phone number, directions to the center
  • Days and hours of visitation
  • Approved dress code and identification requirements for visitors
  • Items authorized in the visiting room
  • Special rules for children
  • Special visits

Each resident is responsible for notifying his/her family and friends if they are approved or denied visiting privileges or if visiting privileges have been suspended or terminated. The web-based visitation system also sends out notifications.

Visitor Applications

A visitor application must be completed and returned to the address listed on the application. Applications are then processed, reviewed and either approved or denied by the Center Administrator. This process may take from seven days to three weeks. A criminal history check is completed on all prospective visitors.

Visitation Hours and Number of Allowable Visitors

Visitation is either Saturday or Sunday. After approval, check with the individual Center for specific visiting hours. No visitation is allowed on holidays. 

*Up to four visitors are allowed during any one visit, including children. However, ACC may limit the number of visitors due to space limitations. If an infant is being brought into the facility, only a bottle and diapers are allowed in the visitation room.

*Special Visits
(*Special visits are not available at this time.)

If the Center Administrator approves, special visits may be allowed during the week for approved visitors who live out of state. No special visits are allowed on holidays.

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