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Modified In-Person Visitation Planned for All DOC Facilities This Month


Posted by Janie Runkle on June 1, 2021

Beginning June 12, 2021, the Arkansas Department of Corrections (DOC) will open all Division of Correction units and Division of Community Correction centers to MODIFIED IN-PERSON VISITATION

The COVID-19 public health emergency prompted the DOC to suspend all visitation in March 2020. In December 2020, the DOC launched a visitation pilot at four facilities. Following a brief suspension of the pilot at the beginning of the year, six more facilities were added in April.

In-person visits to inmates/residents will be made by pre-approved individuals only. Immediate, adult family members may submit requests for visitation appointments. Those wishing to visit a DOC facility should carefully review the modified VISITATION RULES.  After reviewing the new visitation rules, you may visit the website: to complete a visitation appointment request form, starting Friday June 4. Appointment requests can be made online from your mobile device or computer. All requests are pending review and approval by the Arkansas Department of Corrections.

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