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Reentry Events

Hawkins Think Legacy Graduation Held

On July 17, 2019, a graduation ceremony was held for participants in the Think Legacy Reentry Program at the Hawkins Unit!

Certificates of completion were awarded to six program graduates by Deputy Warden Billy Inman and Program Specialist Denese Voss.

Barbara Dalby, a retired Think Legacy program specialist who formerly worked at the unit, delivered an inspirational address to all in attendance. As a special thank you, she was presented with a portrait of herself that was sketched by one of the program’s participants!

Kathy Ratliffe and Sally Johnson, two program volunteers from Westover Hills Presbyterian Church in Little Rock, presented each graduate with a book inscribed with personal messages of encouragement.

The graduation concluded with the performance of several skits by Think Legacy participants. With a theme of “Blasting Off with Think Legacy,” the objective of the presentation was to demonstrate skills learned in the program and how they apply to real-life scenarios. The ultimate goal is that those skills will later be utilized following their release as a deterrent to a return to prison.

Cake was served at the graduation!

Deputy Warden Inman and Think Legacy Program Specialist
Denese Voss presented certificates to the graduates.

[Left] Barbara Dalby was presented with a sketch drawn by a participant in the program.
[Right] Volunteers from a church in Little Rock presented gifts of encouragement to the graduates.

Think Legacy participants performed skits featuring scenarios they’ll face following their release.

“It’s Me I’m Running To” Workshop Held at Hawkins Unit

The Hawkins Unit hosted a workshop for Think Legacy Reentry Program participants entitled, “It’s Me I’m Running To” on June 17-19, 2019. The workshop was facilitated by artist, author, and motivational storyteller Alice Aida Ayers.

Ms. Ayers, who resides in Texas, learned about the reentry program from Think Legacy volunteer Lisa Kessler and requested to visit the unit and host the workshop, which focused on mindfulness change and ways to deal with former and present trauma. 

Throughout the course of the workshop, Ms. Ayers assisted participants in performing mirroring exercises, doing spiritual yoga, and on the last day, creating a positive affirmation board.

Ms. Ayers delivered an encouraging message to the program participants about self-awareness, personal accountability, forgiveness, and how happiness is something that comes from within. She shared, “The way you see yourself is the way that the world sees you, and that is why it is so important to have a positive image of oneself.”

The message of the workshop was well received by the participants and upon its conclusion, they presented Ms. Ayers with a token of their appreciation – a poster with photos that were taken during the course of the workshop, along with their signatures.

Think Legacy Coordinator Nicole Smart, Hawkin’s Unit Program Specialist Denese Voss, Alice Ayers, Thlnk Legacy Program Specialist Twona Frazier, and Grimes Unit Program Specialist Sheryl Prom

Board of Corrections Member Visits ORCU Think Legacy Program

Dr. “Dubs” Byers, a member of the Board of Corrections, visited the Think Legacy Reentry Program at the Ouachita River Correctional Unit on June 7, 2019. Dr. Byers delivered a motivational speech to the participants about priming one’s life before release, and the importance of not becoming stagnated. He emphasized the importance of growing and evolving as related to the transitional process.

Senator and Former Think Legacy Mentor Visit McPherson Program

The Think Legacy Reentry Program participants at Newport’s McPherson Unit enjoyed a visit from a couple of special guests on May 30, 2019. Laura Berry, a graduate and former mentor of the unit’s Think Legacy Program, was released from prison in 2017 under Act 539, which brought an end to juveniles being sentenced to life without parole.

Ms. Berry stays busy as an advocate for other Act 539 inmates and as spokesperson for Arkansas for the Justice of Fair Sentencing Acts for Juveniles. She also works closely with Senators Greg Leding and Michelle Gray in changing Arkansas statues. It was after speaking to Sen. Leding about the reentry program that he requested to visit and speak with participants.

The Think Legacy participants enjoyed hearing about Ms. Berry’s successes, as well as having the opportunity to visit with Senator Leding, who voiced his support of reentry efforts! We appreciate them both for taking the time to visit the McPherson program!

Senator Greg Leding and McPherson Unit Warden Toni Bradley

Think Legacy Reentry Supervisor Nicole Smart, (left) Laura Berry, Sen. Greg Leding, Paws in Prison Coordinator Cendie Thompson, and McPherson Unit Warden Toni Bradley

Hawkins Think Legacy Graduation Held

On May 22, 2019, a graduation ceremony was held for participants in the Think Legacy Reentry Program at the Hawkins Unit!

Paws in Prison and Think Legacy Reentry Program Represented at Pine Bluff Business Expo

Paws in Prison Coordinator Cendie Thompson and ADC Volunteer Coordinator Lauren Holstead hosted a booth at the Pine Bluff Business Expo on May 2, 2019. They shared information with expo attendees about the Paws in Prison Program, how to apply for a job with the ADC, as well as how to become a volunteer with the Think Legacy Reentry Program. Way to go, Lauren and Cendie!

Parole Board Commissioner Visits Think Legacy Program

Arkansas Parole Board Commissioner Dawne Vandiver visited the Ouachita River Correctional Unit (ORCU) in Malvern on April 30, 2019. After observing Think Legacy Reentry Program classes, she answered questions pertaining to parole for participants who will soon be returning to their communities.

Treatment Coordinator Nicole Smart and Paws in Prison Coordinator Cendie Thompson assisted with mock interviews and provided participants with information on resources available following their release from prison.

Pictured above are ORCU Think Legacy Program Coordinator Gary Gamble (left), Cendie Thompson, Commissioner Vandiver, and Nicole Smart.

Commissioner Vandiver led a parole Q & A session with Think Legacy participants.

Arkansas Reentry Week 2019

In observance of the 2019 Arkansas Reentry Week, held April 22-26, several ADC units hosted special events throughout the week focusing on preparing inmates for a successful life following release from prison.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Barbara Ester Unit

A Resource Fair was held at the BARBARA ESTER UNIT in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Think Legacy Program Specialist Cozette Fuller offered the introduction for the day-long event, and Deputy Warden Michelle Gray delivered a welcome address. With a theme of “Where to Turn,” Think Legacy participants were treated to an encouraging message by guest speaker DeAngelo Earl, Superintendent of the Ouachita River Correctional Unit.

A resource fair followed, with representatives from the following sharing helpful information to assist the program’s participants in transitioning back into society after incarceration: Arkansas Department of Career Education, Arkansas Department of Workforce Services, Arkansas Office of Child Support Enforcement, Goodwill Industries of Arkansas, Social Security Administration, and the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB).

For the afternoon session, general population inmates within six months of release were oriented to the various vendors and what informational resources they had to offer by Corporal Iris McBride, Veterans Outreach Program Coordinator. Deputy Warden Gray delivered the closing remarks for the day’s activities following the conclusion of the afternoon resource fair.

Cummins Unit

Also on the 22nd, an “Arkansas Reentry Week Extravaganza” was held at the CUMMINS UNIT in Grady, Arkansas with the theme, “Reshaping the Minds of Men One Decision at a Time.” Serving as the keynote speaker, John Felts, chairman of the Arkansas Parole Board and also a member of the Arkansas Board of Corrections, delivered an encouraging message to the program participants. As a special treat, Isaac Barron, a comedian from Pine Bluff, entertained the group with a routine about the reality of the challenges and changes that they will face in the outside world, but encouraged them to always remain positive and strive to make the right decisions. The event wrapped up with Think Legacy participants who successfully completed the program being awarded graduation certificates by Mr. Felts, Cummins Unit Think Legacy Program Specialist Ricky Harrington, and Deputy Warden Kennie Bolden.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Wrightsville Unit

Quintin Stephens from Goodwill Industries of Arkansas was the guest speaker at the Wrightsville Unit’s Employability Workshop held at the WRIGHTSVILLE UNIT. Mr. Stephens got the event started by delivering an empowering man-to-man talk to the program’s participants where he challenged them to be responsible and make the right decisions in order to take care of their families. He placed great emphasis on the importance of honesty, accountability, and a positive mindset in making permanent changes for the better.

Following the presentation, several vendors set up booths to assist the participants in obtaining information needed to prepare for and after their release back into the community. Vendors at the event included Arkansas Child Support Enforcement, the US Department of Veterans Affairs, Good Grid, and the Educational Opportunity Centers (EOC) from UALR, among others.

Varner Unit

Also on the 23rd, a Think Legacy graduation ceremony was held at the VARNER UNIT in Grady, Arkansas. Think Legacy Program Analyst Carolyn Eason, Program Specialist Charlotte Jones, and Lee Collins expressed their pride for the accomplishments of the program’s participants and the dedication that they display in each class. They also encouraged them to continue to speak up and to be a positive example to others in the unit.

Two inmates who were awarded with “Participant of the Month” honors for March and April delivered speeches on how the Think Legacy Program has helped change their mindset to make better life choices as well as given them the tools they need to continue living a positive and productive life after incarceration.

ADC Deputy Director Dexter Payne addressed the Think Legacy participants and congratulated them on their success and encouraged them to continue to remain positive and to take advantage of all the resources available to them today that were not available to inmates a decade ago. He challenged them to get jobs following their release so that they can take care of themselves and their families and end the cycle of incarceration once and for all.

The event wrapped up with Deputy Warden Jared Byers, Carolyn Eason and Deputy Director Payne awarding certificates to several of the participants who completed of the Think Legacy program. One of the graduates shared that Think Legacy was the first thing he has ever started and completed in his life and he feels overwhelming happiness for having achieved the accomplishment!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Hawkins Women’s Unit

The 2019 Think Legacy and Paws in Prison Volunteer/Staff Appreciation Luncheon and Awards Ceremony was held at the HAWKINS WOMEN’S UNIT in Wrightsville, Arkansas. The theme for the celebration was “Life is an Obstacle,” and Deputy Warden Billy Inman and Think Legacy Program Specialist Denese Voss welcomed the many guests in attendance. Following lunch, ADC Treatment Coordinator Nicole Smart introduced three speakers who all shared moving speeches about the positive impact that the Think Legacy Reentry Program has made in their lives. Two of the speakers were graduates of the program who have been released from prison and are using the skills that they learned to improve their lives and make a positive impact on others each day. The third speaker was the mother of a man currently incarcerated and serving as a Think Legacy mentor. She has witnessed firsthand an incredible transformation in her son and credits the program with being the catalyst for the positive changes he’s made in his life, when nothing else had seemingly gotten through to him before.

Think Legacy Awards for 2019 were Presented to the Following ADC Staff Members:

WARDEN OF THE YEAR – Randy Watson, Superintendent – Wrightsville Complex

Deputy Warden Billy Inman accepted the
award from Nicole Smart on
Warden Watson’s behalf.

FACILITATOR OF THE YEAR – Katrina Rowland, Think Legacy Program Specialist – Randall L. Williams Unit

Katrina Rowland (second from right) was
presented with her award by
Nicole Smart, Deputy Warden Inman,
and Twona Frazier.

VOLUNTEER STAFF OF THE YEAR – Lisa Free, Grievance Officer – Ester Unit

Nicole Smart and Deputy Warden Inman
presented the Think Legacy Volunteer
Staff Award to Lisa Free.

The Following Members of the Community
were Honored with Think Legacy Volunteer Awards:

DAVID GEORGE – Arkansas Securities

David George was presented with his award
by Nicole Smart and Deputy Warden Inman.

SHUNTRICE HUGHES – Office of Child Support Enforcement

Twona Frazier and Deputy Warden Inman
presented Shuntrice Hughes (center) with her
Think Legacy Volunteer Award.


Virginia Chase, a Think Legacy Mentor,
accepted the Volunteer Award
from Twona Frazier on behalf of
the Magdalene Coming Home Foundation.

QUINTIN STEPHENS – Goodwill Industries of Arkansas

Quintin Stephens was presented with his
Volunteer Award by Nicole Smart
and Deputy Warden Inman.

The Paws in Prison MVP of the Year Award was Given to:

TRACY OWEN – Last Chance Arkansas Volunteer and Paws in Prison Inmate Trainer

Tracy Owen (second from right) was
presented with the Paws in Prison Award
by Nicole Smart, Deputy Warden Inman,
and Twona Frazier.

The celebration drew to a close with several Think Legacy participants performing an original song that was enhanced by sign language and flag choreography. Afterwards, attendees were invited to observe Paws in Prison inmate trainers show off their dogs’ abilities in an obstacle course demonstration.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Delta Regional Unit

The DELTA REGIONAL UNIT in Dermott hosted Quintin Stephens of Goodwill Industries of Arkansas as a guest facilitator. Mr. Stephens delivered an empowering motivational address to the unit’s Think Legacy participants that challenged them to be responsible and make positive changes now that will put them on the right path to take care of their families once they’re released from prison. He emphasized the importance of self-worth and self-esteem and making good choices now and in the future. Representatives from TRIO were also present to speak with the program participants. TRIO offers information on the college enrollment process, how to complete FAFSA forms, and how to bring student loans out of default and reenter college classes.

Ouachita River Correctional Unit

Also on the 25th, a Reentry Resource and Job Fair was held at the OUACHITA RIVER CORRECTIONAL UNIT (ORCU) in Malvern, Arkansas. The theme for the event was “Life Beyond Prison.” DeAngelo Earl, Superintendent at ORCU served as the master of ceremonies for the morning’s program, along with Think Legacy Program Specialist Gary Gamble. 

Guest speakers included Carrie Williams, Assistant Director of Reentry at Arkansas Community Correction, Twona Frazier, Assistant Reentry Coordinator at ADC, and Tonya Cater Social Security Public Affairs Specialist. Ms. Williams shared important information that incarcerated individuals need to do in preparation for parole and conducted a question and answer session with those in attendance. Ms. Frazier delivered an encouraging talk that drove home the message that life after prison begins before ‘after prison.’ Ms. Cater provided a wealth of information regarding social security and answered a number of questions that the participants asked. Two inmates spoke – one a Think Legacy graduate and the other, who is currently in the program – shared about the positive impact the program has made in their lives.

The afternoon session featured a job fair with vendors representing the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services, College of the Ouachitas, the Office of Child Support Enforcement, Riverside Vo-Tech, Sykes Enterprises, Veterans Services, and W.A.G.E.

The ORCU event concluded with guest speaker Quintin Stephens from Goodwill Industries of Arkansas delivering a powerful speech on accountability.

Friday, April 26, 2019

McPherson Unit

To close out Arkansas Reentry Week 2019, the McPHERSON UNIT held a Think Legacy Resource Fair. Several service providers, nonprofit coalitions, and formerly-released Think Legacy Graduates were in attendance. The released graduates manned a “SUCCESS” table during a breakout session. They provided practical information on the challenges that they faced following prison release, and how they overcame those obstacles.

Tucker Unit

Also on the 26th, a Reentry Fair was hosted by the TUCKER UNIT Think Legacy Reentry Program. Several vendors were onsite to provide helpful informational resources for inmates who will be released from prison and back into their communities. Staff members from the Arkansas Workforce Mobile Unit were also in attendance and provided assistance on building personal resumes and navigating the job search portal.

Rally Held to Kickoff 2019 Reentry Week!

ADC Treatment Coordinator Nicole Smart shared information about the Think Legacy Reentry Program at the ACC Reentry Rally held in Little Rock, Arkansas on April 19, 2019. The rally served as the official kickoff for a number of Arkansas Reentry Week activities planned for April 22nd-26th by both agencies.

Paws in Prison Coordinator Cendie Thompson and Kerri Kocourek, a Program Specialist at the McPherson Unit, also represented the ADC at the rally.

“Vision Board” Party Held at the Delta Regional Unit

A “Vision Board” party was held at the Delta Regional Unit for the Think Legacy Reentry Program participants on April 12, 2019. Through the creation of the vision boards, participants attained a feeling of mental clarity in determining their reachable goals, visualizing new life opportunities, and receiving a little break from the mental aspect of the prison atmosphere. All in attendance described the project as motivational and inspirational. In the end, each participant produced a “goal” board that can be added to and utilized as a post-incarceration planning tool!

Malvern’s ACC Omega Center Hosts WAGE Meeting

The Arkansas Community Correction (ACC) Omega Center, located in Hot Spring County, hosted a WAGE meeting on April 10, 2019. Superintendent DeAngelo Earl of the Arkansas Department of Correction’s (ADC) Ouachita River Unit and Reentry Supervisor Nicole Smart, attended the meeting to show their support for the program. WAGE provides employability training and job readiness certificates to multiple units within the ADC, ACC, as well as Reentry Centers throughout the state.

ADC Reentry Supervisor Nicole Smart (left), Ouachita River Correctional Unit Superintendent DeAngelo Earl,
and WAGE Director of Hot Spring County Jan Robertson

Ouachita River Correctional Unit Superintendent DeAngelo Earl (left) and ACC Omega Center Administrator Antwon Emsweller

Think Legacy Participants Graduate from “Cooking Matters” Course

Participants of the Think Legacy Reentry Program at the Wrightsville-Hawkins Women’s Unit graduated from the latest “Cooking Matters” course on February 28, 2019. Eight women completed the six-week course focusing on nutrition, grocery budgeting, and the safe preparation of meals. The valuable skills learned in this course will be beneficial to the women and their families following their release from incarceration. We congratulate our latest graduates on their successful completion of the course!

Think Legacy Presentation Made at Arkansas Career Education Center

On February 28, 2019, Nicole Smart visited the Arkansas Career Education Center (ACE) to present the components and successes of the ADC Think Legacy Reentry Program. Ms. Smart was able to share the Think Legacy Reentry documentary with several county instructors and directors, in addition to thanking them for their continued support and facilitation of the WAGE program which is located in nine facilities across the state.

Three Receive December Think Legacy Director’s Excellence Award

CONGRATULATIONS to Lisa Free, Grievance Officer at the Ester Unit, Linda Hill, Pine Bluff Unit Training Instructor, and Kerri Kocourek, Think Legacy Facilitator/Program Specialist at the McPherson Unit, for all being selected as recipients of the Think Legacy Director’s Excellence Award for December 2018!

Ms. Kocourek was recognized for going above and beyond to assist the Think Legacy Reentry Program participants in ensuring that they’re ready for success upon release from incarceration. Furthermore, in addition to researching evolving reentry practices, Ms. Kocourek works diligently to promote new mentors, volunteers, and stakeholders to assist the McPherson Think Legacy Program.

In acknowledgement for being an asset to the Think Legacy Reentry Program, Ms. Free and Ms. Hill were also recognized. While both of these employees are tasked with numerous responsibilities vital to ADC operations, they are always willing to lend an extra hand to support the agency’s reentry program efforts when needed. Ms. Free and Ms. Hill have assisted with numerous Think Legacy events, including employee workshops. Recently, the Hawkins Unit hosted an event held over a five-day period called, “Girl, Wash Your Face,” which required a great deal of assistance to accomplish. Ms. Free and Ms. Hill both demonstrated a willingness to help with the initiative through contribution of their time and talents, which had a direct impact on the success of the first-time event!

We appreciate all of your efforts in “Going the Extra Mile” to advance our Reentry efforts, ladies!

“Cooking Matters” Graduation Held at Hawkins Unit

On Thursday, November 1, 2018, a “Cooking Matters” graduation was held at the Hawkins Unit! The Think Legacy Reentry Program participants utilized the cooking skills they learned during the eight-week course to prepare homemade pizza for all Think Legacy Reentry Program participants. Deputy Warden Inman served as the class facilitator that evening, and a great time was had by all! View all of the photos on our Facebook page!!!

Representatives of National Reentry Programs Visit Hawkins Think Legacy Reentry Participants

The Hawkins Unit Think Legacy Reentry Program received a special surprise on October 31, 2018 when several people flew in from different states representing the groups, Cut 50 Foundation and The Ladies of Hope Ministries!

Topeka K. Sam of New York is one of the creators of Hope House NYC, an initiative of The Ladies of Hope Ministries, which empowers women by providing a safe housing space, a supportive community of women, mentorship and guidance for formerly incarcerated women to successfully reenter life after prison. Ms. Sam received information about the reentry efforts within the Arkansas Department of Correction and decided to make a visit with her friends from the Cut 50 Foundation, which travels around the globe to speak to incarcerated individuals about resources that are available during and after incarceration!

Grimes Unit Holds Mock Job Interviews for Think Legacy Reentry Program Participants

The Grimes Unit held mock job interviews on October 24, 2018 for participants in the Think Legacy Reentry Program. Mock interviews serve as a valuable tool to help prepare inmates for their reentry back into the free world, where they will be faced with finding employment following their release.

A big THANK YOU goes to the unit’s staff members who served on the interview panel – Sgt. John Sparks, Mrs. Tanya Higgins, and Mrs. Niki Naracon. The team provided a great deal of relevant information and feedback that all of the participants found to be helpful. Gratitude also goes to B-Shift Security and the rest of Team Grimes for making an event such as this run smoothly!

A Familiar Face Returns to EARU as Think Legacy Graduation Speaker

A Think Legacy graduation was held on October 17, 2018 at the East Arkansas Regional Unit (EARU). One of the things that stood out about the event is the guest speaker was someone with whom the program participants could relate. A former ADC inmate who served two stints for separate charges from 1995 through 2010, Diego Rodriguez is a living, breathing reentry success story! He’s someone who made a number of poor choices before making changes for the better following his final incarceration. Once a Hispanic gang leader within the walls of prison, Rodriguez is now functioning well as a parolee serving his community as a minister. He shared a powerful and encouraging message with the Think Legacy graduates who all personally knew or recognized him for having previously served time alongside them. Rodriguez’s presence at the event served as a true symbol that a successful reentry back in society is possible!

EARU Think Legacy graduation speaker Diego Rodriguez (right), who served mulitple prison stints, worked for Jeremy Andrews on several occasions thoughout the Warden’s career — all the way back to the days that he was a Sergeant in 1995 to when he was a Major in 2010 and Rodriguez received parole.

First-Ever Think Legacy Reentry Program Graduation Held at the McPherson Unit

On October 5, 2018, the McPherson Unit hosted their first-ever Think Legacy Reentry Program graduation! B.J. Brady, Director of Reentry Services at Quapaw Rehabilitation, Quintin Stephens from Goodwill of Arkansas, and Nicole Smart, Think Legacy Treatment Supervisor, spoke at the graduation.

Several of the Think Legacy Reentry Program mentors also addressed the group in regards to what it takes to ensure a successful transition when released. The Dance to Be Free participants surprised the graduates by performing a dance they choreographed for the occasion. Rounding out the special event, cake and punch were served to all Think Legacy Reentry participants who took part in the celebration!

Voss and Frazier Receive Think Legacy Director’s Excellence Award

CONGRATULATIONS to Twona Frazier, Assistant Reentry Coordinator, and Denese Voss, Hawkins Unit Program Specialist, for being selected for the Think Legacy’s Director’s Excellence Award for September 2018! 

An “Entrepreneur Class” was held at the Wrightsville-Hawkins Unit on Friday, September 21, 2018. A great deal of planning and collaboration went into the event, which focused on home-based business and career opportunities for Think Legacy participants. Ms. Frazier and Ms. Voss managed to effortlessly put together a program from which participants not only gained a lot of knowledge, but had a great time as well!

Thank you for “Going the Extra Mile” to authenticate the Think Legacy Reentry Program, ladies!

ADC Director Wendy Kelley presented the award to Ms. Frazier.

Entrepreneur Class for Reentry Program Participants Held at Wrightsville-Hawkins Unit

Think Legacy participants took part in an Entrepreneur Class at the Wrightsville-Hawkins Unit on Friday, September 21, 2018.  Instructors Twona Frazier and Nicole Smart facilitated the class, which focused on how to build a home-based business and career. Following class instruction, the participants were able to take part in the hands-on activity of creating their own all-natural bath fizzes, a.k.a. “bath bombs.”

While information regarding other business opportunities was also provided, the goal of the Entrepreneur Class was to direct participants to ‘think outside the box’ and envision a successful reentry back into their communities following release from prison. Since many end up returning to the same negative subculture experienced before their incarceration, a creative idea could be a true catalyst for successful change versus falling back into a lifestyle of destructive routines and patterns. 

Participants expressed their gratitude for having the opportunity to obtain the practical information in an enjoyable way. Afterwards, participants were asked if they had ever dreamed of opening their own business. While the majority had not, many indicated that they can now envision it as a possibility! 

The Think Legacy Program extends a special ‘thank you’ to Deputy Warden Billy Inman for his support and assistance in not only this event, but all of the other programs at the unit, which promote successful reentry. Appreciation also goes to Denese Voss, Program Specialist at the unit, for her assistance as well!

North Central Unit Think Legacy Graduation Held

The Think Legacy Program at the ADC North Central Unit recently conducted a graduation ceremony for particpants who successfully completed the six-month program. Pictured above from left to right (back row): Ms. Onnafay Downard, Think Legacy Coordinator; Christopher Andrews; Andrew Schubert, NCU Mental Health Specialist; Jack Hansen; Rich Fischer, Think Legacy volunteer; James Chaney; Gary Boehler; NCU Warden Stephen Williams, (front row) Bobby Brown; Charles Campbell; Joshua Coleman; and Lloyd Hughes. The program provides inmate participants with skills, tools and training aimed at positioning them to be successful upon release.

National Author Shares Her Message of Hope with Think Legacy Program Participants at Three Arkansas Prisons

Susan Burton, author of the book, “Becoming Ms. Burton: From Prison to Recovery to Leading the Fight for Incarcerated Women,” met with the Think Legacy Program participants at the McPherson Unit on June 27th and the Hawkins and Wrightsville Units on June 28th.

Ms. Burton shared her story of spending 20 years in prison – on and off – following the death of her young son and how the tragedy fueled a drug addiction for many years. She revealed that it was after 20 years of incarceration that she made the decision to ‘forgive,’ which allowed her to turn her focus onto a different lifestyle.

This change in direction paved the way for her to open a safe house for women in Los Angeles, California following her final release. That number has since grown to five houses, and after many years of trials and tribulations, Ms. Burton is living her dream!

Her message to the Think Legacy Program participants was an encouraging one about setting goals and achieving them. She graciously donated copies of her book to all of the Think Legacy participants, and signed them before departing!

The Think Legacy Program is honored to have been chosen for this event and was happy to welcome Ms. Burton to Arkansas!

Think Legacy Program participants at the McPherson Unit enjoyed getting to meet Ms. Burton and have their books signed!

 Ms. Burton’s talk left the Think Legacy Program participants at the Hawkins Unit feeling encouraged and uplifted!

 The Think Legacy Program participants and Wrightsville Unit Deputy Warden Claudia Harris presented a plaque of appreciation to Ms. Burton, of which she was happy to receive!

McPherson Unit’s “Dance To Be Free”Program Receives Visit from Colorado Instructor

Katherine Shoulders, a “Dance To Be Free” instructor from Colorado, visited the McPherson Unit on June 27th. The unit’s instructors were able to demonstrate their own choreography for music she previously sent to them and it was amazing!

Veteran’s Outreach Program Created at Ester Unit

The Veteran’s Outreach Program committee at the Ester Unit has worked diligently for the past several months to create a program for the veterans housed at the unit to include a:
   • barracks that solely houses veterans
   • recreational yard
   • garden that includes flowers and plants

The name of the program is “Restoring Honor.” Mr. Richard Norris, Jonesboro Veteran’s Outreach, made a personal donation of flags for the daily flag detail that is initiated, and Lowe’s in Pine Bluff made a generous donation of flowers and plants. Corporal McBride and Deputy Warden Gray hope to expand the garden by adding vegetables in the future. We are extremely grateful for their contributions to these worthwhile efforts!

In addition, Corporal McBride has created a newsletter called the “Veteran’s Voice,” which can be viewed HERE. Take a look to learn more about the program and their activities.

We want to say a sincere THANK YOU to all of our Veteran’s Outreach Program committee members and GREAT job, Corporal McBride, for going the extra mile to make a difference!

Inmates Participate in Mock Job Interviews

From White River Current – Publication Date: March 1, 2018

Inmates at the ADC North Central Unit (NCU) enrolled in the Think Legacy re-entry program recently participated in mock job interviews. Preparing for and practicing job interviews is one component of a comprehensive Job Search Skills Training program developed and delivered by White River Current co-publisher Rich Fischer of Calico Rock.

Think Legacy includes a variety of programs on a number of different topics with the aim of positioning inmates for success upon release. The 13 week Job Search Skills Training program, one of those encompassed within Think Legacy, consists of three modules: Resume Creation (5 wks), Job Interviewing (5 wks) and Targeting Potential Employers & Networking (3 wks). This year marks the third year that Fischer has delivered the training program at the NCU.

“Conducting mock job interviews was not originally part of the training when first designed,” commented Fischer. “It was added in response to inmate feedback and requests, and I must say has been a resounding success.” Figuring out the logistics of just how to conduct practice interviews with 50 inmates in a room presented a challenge, however with some thought and support from the NCU staff it was made to happen.

The mock interviews involve panels of three or four interviewers who then are joined by an inmate interviewee who responds to some of the top ten questions normally asked as well as questions the panel develops based on a review of the inmate’s resume and/or the type of job for which he is applying. Guest, non-inmate interviewers are also included on each panel when possible, many of whom are volunteers from the community.

Following each interview the panel then offers feedback and constructive criticism to the inmate interviewee aimed at providing them with ways in which they might improve their answers and overall interviewing skills. Such things as maintaining eye contact, awareness of one’s body language and keeping answers short and to the point are often points of feedback offered by the panel.

“From what I can tell, the main reason these men come back into the system after being released is their inability to get a good job,” concluded Fischer. “What this program attempts to do is to provide inmates with the tools and skills to be successful in their job search such that they can become contributing members of society.”

Anyone wishing to learn more about the Think Legacy program or how they might volunteer is encouraged to contact program coordinator, Cprl Onnafay Downard at the North Central Unit at 870-297-4311. 

Photos/Narrative by Rich Fischer

Think Legacy Program Graduation – North Central Unit

Think Legacy Program participants at the North Central Unit in Calico Rock took part in a graduation ceremony in February led by Warden Stephen Williams and Cpl. Onnafay Downard, the Think Legacy Coordinator for the unit. Special guests on hand for the event were ADC Director Wendy Kelley and Deputy Director Dexter Payne. A total of ten inmates graduated from the program, five of which completed the program’s Victim Impact curriculum.

“Cooking Matters” Class Held at Hawkins Unit

The Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance’s Cooking Matters team partnered with the Arkansas Department of Correction’s (ADC) Wrightsville Hawkins Center to pilot a program introducing nutrition education to the female inmates housed there who would be completing their sentences soon. The initial six-week pilot course graduated twelve women from the Cooking Matters class, held as part of the prison’s Think Legacy Reentry Program. Think Legacy is an evidence-based program developed by the ADC designed to increase the potential for successful reintegration of participating inmates into the community.

“White River Current” feature Think Legacy Graduation

Incarcerated Veteran’s Resource Fair held at the Barbara Ester Unit

On November 17, 2017, the Barbara Ester Unit held an Incarcerated Veteran’s Resource Fair for inmate veterans. The Craighead County Veteran’s Monument Foundation donated $1,000  which will be used for the coverage and awning of the Veteran’s Exercise Yard. The Department of Child Support Enforcement, Delta EEOC, Arkansas Workforce, Disabled Veteran’s Outreach, Veteran’s Outreach were among some of our vendors.  Director Wendy Kelley, Research and Planning Administrator Tiffanye Compton, Think Legacy/Reentry Coordinator Nicole Smart were some of our staff members in attendance who spoke to the veterans. All 75 of inmate veterans present were thanked for their service. The event was catered by the Whole Hogg Cafe from Little Rock, Arkansas.

EARU Inmate Council Veteran’s Day Program

On November 15, 2017, the East Arkansas Regional Unit Inmate Council sponsored its first Veterans Day event. The event was held in the Unit Chapel, sixty-one (61) veteran inmates present. The program consisted of guest speaker Andre Jones, Veteran Outreach Specialist of Pine Bluff,  EARU Chaplain Arlen Parham and Deputy Warden James Dycus. Veteran inmates were treated to a meal of fried chicken, mash potatoes with gravy, green beans, rolls and cookies. The inmates were also shown a movie during the meal. This was the Inmate Councils first attempt sponsoring a Veteran’s Day event and it was a great success.

McPherson Unit Resource and Reunification Fair

The McPherson Unit held a Resource and Reunification Fair on Monday, October 30th. Various speakers included Warden Toni Bradley, ACC Reentry Assistant Director, Carrie Williams, Ms. Kim and Tracy from Hope Rises, and many others.Think Legacy Reentry Mentor D. Hill presented a very motivational speech to the participants. Nisha from Protech Good Grid, spoke about knowledge on the utilization of software that assists with “felon-friendly” employers and more.Think Legacy participants received vital resources and knowledge of the different entities available that could provide services once released.

Wrightsville Think Legacy Program Graduation

A Think Legacy Re-entry Program graduation took place on September 26, 2017 at the Wrightsville Unit. Guest speakers included Nicole Smart, the Think Legacy Reentry Supervisor, Deputy Warden Harris, Warden Watson and Shanice Benson, Think Legacy Facilitator. A luncheon was provided for all Think Legacy Program participants and all graduates were awarded with a certificate of achievement!

Burlsworth Foundation speak to Think Legacy participants

Marty Burlsworth and Rick Watts from the Burlsworth Foundation spoke to Think Legacy participants on September 24th. Marty is the brother of the late Brandon Burlsworth formerly of the Arkansas Razorbacks Football team (66th walk on), and Indiana Colts draft pick.  Brandon had to work and train extra hard to walk onto the Razorback’s football team. Through Brandon’s dedication, he received a scholarship to the University of  Arkansas after one year.  After many tribulations, Brandon was drafted by the Indiana Colts. Brandon was traveling back to Harrison, Arkansas to take his mother to church when he was tragically killed In a car accident. Brandon’s spirit lives on through the Burlsworth Foundation. The Foundation provides under privileged children vision care and glasses. The movie “Greater” is based on Brandon’s life, with his family incorporated, they were his biggest fan. Marty Burlsworth  and Vickie Burlsworth (Marty’s wife) donated 30 “Greater” movies, and 60 hard back books, “Through the eyes of a Champion” – The Brandon Burlsworth Story, to the Think Legacy population.  The Think Legacy Participants have viewed the movie, and are now receiving visits from the Burlsworth’s and Rick Watts whom was Brandon’s youth pastor.

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