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Assistant Director, Construction & Maintenance & Arkansas Correctional Industries

Richard Cooper Assistant Director, Construction & Maintenance & Arkansas Correctional Industries

Richard Cooper – (870) 267-6625

The Assistant Director of Construction & Maintenance is responsible for overseeing the Construction and Maintenance of all the Division of Correction units as well as the design and development of new projects, Energy Projects, Recycling Projects, and Arkansas Correctional Industries.

Construction, Maintenance, Design Division

The Mission of the Construction, Maintenance and Design Division is to ensure the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of departmental and contracted functions and services through internal, independent analysis, evaluation, and compliance processes. The Construction, Maintenance and Design Division; oversees capital construction projects including design and implementation, oversees all the maintenance performed at each of our facilities, investigates and advises our division on evidence-based energy saving programs and facilitates a recycling program division wide.  

Arkansas Correctional Industries

The Mission of Arkansas Correctional Industries (ACI) is to train and educate inmates in marketable skills through various programs, enabling them to produce quality goods, products, and services.  ACI will accomplish this by providing a work setting which replicates private industry.  These inmates, once trained, will permit ACI to expand the revenue capabilities of the various tax- supported agencies and non-profit organizations by offering these groups quality goods and services at competitive prices.  Revenues derived from these efforts will permit ACI, in turn, to expand its ability to train more inmates, in more fields, by opening new programs that will offer additional products and services to its customers. These efforts will afford the inmates the opportunity to be engaged in a worthwhile program while incarcerated and return to society with the ability to perform in a meaningful occupation upon release from confinement.

  • Administrator: Eddie Powell – (870) 515-0917
  • Assistant Administrator, Operations: David Taylor – (870) 540-7473
  • Assistant Administrator, Sales/PIECP: Bill Hartwick – (870) 550-5162

The other projects currently overseen by the Assistant Director of Construction, Maintenance and ACI are:

  • Development
  • Energy Projects
  • Recycling Projects

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