Division of Community Correction

Placing our priority on public safety while providing opportunities for positive change

Agency Policy

Secretarial Directives (opens to a different page)

General Administration, Organization and Management

AD 2021-01Division of Community Correction Description and Objectives
AD 16-10Agency Organization, Mission, Planning and Management
AD 17-02American Correctional Association (ACA) Internal and External Audits
AR 1.4Community Correction Center Criteria and Standards
AD 09-03Data System Projects
AD 17-27Equipment Inventory, Transfer and Disposition
AD 18-21Fraud, Waste and Abuse of Resources
AD 14-17Grants Processing
AD 14-06Legal Documents
AD 11-02Meetings and Collaboration Tools
AR 1.1Policy and Procedure Development
AR 7.4Public Release of Offender Information AR
AR 1.8Processing of Lawsuits
AD 14-20Processing Procedures for Purchase, Transfer, Deployment, Repair and Disposal of Computer Equipment
AR 2.10Procurement and Disposition Activities
AD 18-08Procurement and Receiving
AD 07-08Records Management
AD 18-19Research and Program Evaluation
AR 1.9Research and Program Evaluation
AD 00-09Whistle Blower Act

Personnel, Management and Training

AD 18-07Acceptance of Gifts, Grants and Donations
AR 3.2Drug-Free Workplace
AD 15-03Employee Associations
AD 18-37Employee Awards and Recognition Programs
AR 3.17Employee Grievance Procedure
AD 14-11Employment References for Current and Former Employees
AD 18-10Employee Timekeeping, Compensation and Promotions
AD 16-21Field Training Officer Program
AD 15-19Harassment
AR 3.15Harassment
AD 16-08Inclement Weather
BP 22-01Personal Assignment of State Vehicles
AD 17-19Residential Services Employee Orientation, Skills Qualification, and On-The-Job Training
AR 3.3Staff Assignments and Housing
AD 17-22Travel Rules and Reimbursement

Security, Safety, Sanitation and Food Services

AD 18-24Central Office Emergency Plan 
AD 16-01Central Office Key Control
AR 1.4Community Correction Center Criteria and Standards
AD 19-10Community Correction Center Duty Officer
AD 16-11Escapes
AR 4.6Escapes, Disturbances or Emergencies
AD 19-19Facility Sanitation and Food Service
AD 18-06Naloxone Protocol
AD 19-13Personal Cleanliness and Grooming For Residents
AD 09-12Radio Procedures
AD 18-12Reporting and Investigating Incidents, Hazards, and Maltreatment
AD 17-14Safety and Security
AR 4.1Safety, Security and Sanitation at Residential Centers
AD 03-09Threats
AD 16-23Use of Force
AR 4.9Use of Force
AD 19-14Use of Restraints
AD 18-29Weapons and Security Equipment

Offender Management and Programs

AD 16-04ACIC/NCIC Criminal Information System
AR 9.0Administrative Transfer
AD 19-09Chaplaincy Services
AR 7.2Classification of Offenders
AD 19-15Commissary
AR 8.8Community Service Program
AD 19-11Community Transition and Furlough
AD 04-01County Jail Backup
AD 17-11DNA Sample Collection
AR 7.12Electronic Monitoring After 120 Days Served
AR 2.8Funds of Offenders
AR 7.30Furlough Program
AR 7.14Grievance Procedures for Offenders
AD 18-22Health Care Co-Payment Program
AD 18-28Interstate Compact Offender Tracking System – ICOTS
AD 18-35Medication Assisted Treatment
AD 17-09Meritorious Good Time
AR 7.9Meritorious Good Time
AD 95-03Monitoring of Arkansas Department of Correction Meritorious Furloughs
AR 2.3Offender Commissaries
AD 19-02Offender Substance Abuse Testing
AR 8.9Offender Substance Abuse
AD 19-13Personal Cleanliness and Grooming for Offenders
AR 7.1Prenatal Care/Pregnant Inmates/Residents
AD 19-16Prenatal Care/Pregnant Residents
AD 07-04Racial Profiling
AD 18-14Reentry Facilities
AR 7.10Reentry Facility Program
AD 7-20Release for Completion of the Program
AD 18-01Resident Conduct
AR 7.22Resident Correspondence
AD 15-05Residential Facilities
AD 15-08Resident Grievance and Appeal Process
AR 7.23Resident Publications
AD 13-14Resident Medical Services
AD 17-28Resident Serious Illness-Injury or Death
AR 7.24Resident Visitation
AR 7.3Sentence Computation and Tracking
AD 16-22Special Response Team (SRT)
Standard Conditions of Parole Release Form
AD 17-43Supervision Sanction Program
AR 7.19Terminal Illness or Permanently Incapacitated
AR 8.1Transfer Eligibility to Community Correction
AR 7.8Transitional Housing Program
AD 17-15Transportation of Offenders Released to Community Supervision & Discharge
AR 7.29Use of Telephones
AR 7.27Volunteer Program
AD 19-05Volunteer Services

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